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Sunday, August 28th, 2011 10:14 am
We went to town yesterday to check out a touring European Farmer's Market, and found people in droves, not just at the market but everywhere.

There were political parties with their booths in main street, talking about their causes and handing out balloons (many children were holding rainbows of balloons from several parties. I did not see any with every kind of balloon, though :)).
A bunch of children in bright green t-shirts were participating in a race sponsored by a local pizzeria on the street closer to the docks, and they also had balloons.
A large soundstage was set up and used on the main street. We did not go see what it was, presuming it was just politicians, but as it turns out one of the local newspapers was celebrating itself with a free-for-all street party. This (and the nice weather) was the main reason for the crowd in main street, and it seems we would have gotten free hot dogs and such if we had gone there. Oh well :)

The European Farmer's Market that was here is a group of vendors from Great Britain, Netherlands, France, Italy and so on who have been touring Norway (and presumably other countries) with their not-so-perishable produce. There was a candy and fudge vendor, sellers of Italian, Sicilian and Greek sweets, a French ham and cured sausage vendor, very fragrant cheeses from France, friendlier cheeses from the Netherlands, hot Paella and vegetarian noodles, British jams, teas, chutneys, cheeses and gaudily decorated tea-time china, an entire stand devoted to olives, and a Polish guy selling silver and amber jewelry. Everyone had signs in English or charmingly misspelled Norwegian, and there were a lot of samples which attracted both people and, for the sweets, wasps (fortunately not many flies, but it was a bit weird to go for a jam sample and see a very contented wasp already in the jar).

We liked the Dutch cheeses, especially the three year old Gouda, and the wild boar cured sausages, but not knowing when we'd actually sit down and eat them, we didn't get any. It was far easier to make excuses to buy a few of the sweets, and our haul basically ended up looking like this:

Greek cakes, Italian cakes, fudge, and a pointy cabbage from the regular farmer's market.

At the very end I decided to get something marginally sensible after all and got a jar of very nice English forest berry jam which is about to be eaten with pancakes.
Sunday, August 28th, 2011 12:01 pm (UTC)
bah, sensible! you should've gone for the boar! :-P