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June 19th, 2011

celamity: (sunset)
Sunday, June 19th, 2011 07:16 am
Hurtigruten is probably one of the best-known things about Norway, sailing from Bergen on the west coast to Kirkenes in the far northeast, a trip that takes 134 hours. This weekend, there are cameras on board, filming every minute on the trip and broadcasting it non-stop both on one of the national channels and on the internet. (Right now they are just about at the arctic circle - oh, literally, they are, right now as I type they're passing the globe statue at the circle. Heh :) )

Other than the occasional interview or commentary, and some bits of suitable music, the only sound is that of the engine, the waves, and whatever activities are going on. The weather has been beautiful at least since Trondheim, the nights have not been dark (and the sun won't set for the remainder of the trip) and we've seen all the different landscapes they pass as viewed from the boat itself. There was a beautiful sunset last night just after midnight.

Also, people along the route have been assembling on islands and skerries to wave. They've been met by people in national costumes in ports, and people have been driving their own boats alongside the Hurtigrute, waving flags. The tourists who happened to pick this particular trip are lucky - they might as well have been taking the trip on may 17, except this time the special attention is lasting for five days instead of one.

To make this extra special for me, a family friend is on her way here on the boat, to disembark tomorrow. I can tell she should be having a wonderful trip :)

(And now I want to take the trip myself even more than I've wanted to in the past :) )