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Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 06:13 pm
Hilary Clinton arrived in town yesterday. There was an Air Force One type plane (what callsign would it have for carrying the foreign minister?) sitting at the airport, and two dark helicopters were buzzing around over town all day.
When I left work, I went to my usual bus stop - in a bus transit area that is separated from the airfield by the road that leads to the mall where I work - and saw a lot of police cars and people in yellow vests standing around at the nearby intersections, stopping traffic. We at the bus stop decided she must be heading out of town and talked about that in the oddly trafficless silence. Some ten minutes later, her motorcade arrived, drove up the road that leads to the mall and then turned in a side gate to cross the airstrip and drive directly to their plane. I joked that it was good thinking to drive that way, as the regular security check in at the airport had closed a half hour earlier due to an ongoing strike :D
A bus that would take me most of the way home arrived shortly after that. My regular bus didn't arrive until I'd walked the last stretch home, fifteen minutes late. By that time, her plane had already taken off, heading north (great circles and all that make due north the shortest route to the US). It was odd to see a plane take off and not turn - usually, the only planes that don't turn south are the ones going to Svalbard.
(EDIT: Seems they were going to Stockholm, which is due south of here. They can't even have normal flight plans, I suppose...)

The whole spectacle was entertaining enough to almost make me forget that I'd managed to cut two fingers and a thumb on a small screwdriver just before leaving work :)

(Also? I don't think today was the right day to forget to put my camera in my purse)


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